Humanity is at a developmental junction

We realize that we live in a duality; even doubters and realists can’t contend with this. We realize that polarization and partition is the sign of duality; hot chili, light dim, wretchedness delight, and so forth. This is an integral part of an actual involvement with this thickness. Thus it is not difficult to demand that life and occasions in the world Earth have a light side and a clouded side. Thusly, clearly there are gatherings in the world attempting to raise the awareness of humanity, and that there are the people who are attempting to oppress us. It’s simply aspect of the duality.

It sounds evil when you utilize the word oppress us; what about “impact us” or “control us.” Anything that word you need to use, there is a gathering or gatherings in the world with stowed away plans not entirely set in stone to follow us down the way of aggregate security and a hive-like or Borg mindset where individual opportunity and a common cognizance in light of association with Source are absent. There will be an association OK; however it won’t be natural or profound. It will be electronic or have to do with innovation that can be controlled from a higher place. This is the main problem here in the duality, fine people: will we pick participation and love, or aggregate security and assurance from (fill in the clear – anything misrepresentation is advanced to unnerve individuals) in light of some trepidation based plan.

My companion in Australia sent me a message that was composed on a traffic box

It said, “Love life and life will adore you back.” Obviously in Australia the chambers really recruit craftsmen to paint stuff like this, to light up the spot up. I think Australia is far in front of us here in the U.S. This thought, which utilizations love as its premise, is likewise material to everything in a vibrational universe. What you put your consideration on you get a greater amount of.

Benjamin Franklin said, “The individuals who give up opportunity for security won’t have, nor do they merit, possibly one.” This is exactly the topic that is being carried on inside the species awareness at the present time. Security addresses a de-advancement back to the old worldview of thought, and to a belittled presence. Security addresses assurance from (fill in the clear with your #1 boogeyman). Opportunity addresses a festival of the person as a heavenly part of the one cognizance, an invigorating guideline in view of adoration and collaboration and satisfaction. Opportunity is a quintessential part of any help to-others cognizance. Without opportunity we will transform into slaves, that’s all there is to it.

What reason am I happening about this some could say endlessly

Since the time has come TO Awaken. We are in an open door right now to impact the years of human development. We are in the zone of disorder where the factors and the energy are blending. Hicks did mankind an incredible help by advancing ideas like the Pattern of good following good; getting individuals to see that a vibrational universe is organized to help the choices we make, and to inspire us to comprehend that we have power and that we need to step into it. This is the critical idea in rising above those on the opposite side of the duality, who will continuously utilize dread, fear, and savagery, and misleading publicity and influence in light of these subjects, to advance their secret plans.

The opposite side of the duality works on these standards

Mystery. Secrecy. Clandestineness. Nuance. Cunning. Misdirection. These standards are totally soiled on the pessimistic side of the close to home/vibrational scale. This lets you know that all “public safety” foundations are the devices of the clouded side, since they are confidential. The avocations for them are themselves situated in dread. “We must have a public safety foundation on the grounds that our foes will strike us down on the off chance that we don’t.” Gracious for the good of gad, isn’t this worn out subject getting exhausting at this point? Isn’t it simply idiotic? Indeed, we glance around and say that’s just the way it is, then again, actually we CAN take care of business.

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